DIY 30 Day Stress Makeover


Stress Secretly Sabotages Your Life . . . . .  DIY Stress Makeover counteracts The Negative Effects of Stress

Are you tired and stressed about being tired and stressed? Do you feel like everything you do makes you worse? Are you stressed out that your doctor does not know what to do about your stress?

If the answer is yes, you are like so many of my patients from everyday people to professional athletes who are frustrated, fed-up and want to get answers for why they feel so bad. They have taken mind numbing drugs from script happy doctors, they’ve been listening to surgeons masquerading as natural health experts, they listen to the TV talking heads and they have surfed the net 24/7 looking for answers. When all else fails they turn on themselves for poor implementation, lack of discipline and lack of will power.

But that’s all about to change!

The DO IT YOURSLE MAKEOVER is about helping people take charge and achieve a stress managed optimal way of life through an integrated approach to wellness.

The DO IT YOURSELF MAKEOVER is based on over 37+ years of listening to high performance people in all walks of life who cannot get to the next level or have slipped from the highest level of their profession and can’t get back.  The integration of non-traditional strategies has led to drawing on solutions from the four corners of the world that is meant to transform how the readers understand his or her body.

The 30 Day Stress Makeover is not just another stress book!

Using a practical approach that has proven successful for thousands of patients, The Do It Yourself Stress Makeover provides a simplified, multi-disciplinary strategy to help anyone relieve their stress, feel better and sleep better through simple food selection, proper supplementation, mind relaxing exercises, and positive lifestyle habits. There are things it does not do. It does not diagnose or treat disease. It does not promise a better life if you are stress reduced or stress free.

Instead, The Do It Yourself Stress Makeover   empowers anyone to self-identify short range, mid range and long range indicators of exactly how stress is affecting them. Drawing on techniques from Professional Applied Kinesiology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and conservative Chiropractic Medicine it will teach the reader how to make the necessary lifestyle and nutritional changes to bring his/her body back into balance and create a lifetime of stress reduced, vibrant health. 

The Do It Yourself Stress Makeover will show that the management of stress and cortisol is simply intricate and intricately simple. Cortisol production and modulation is not a mystery and can be reduced to a game of teeter totter. Each of us is a biochemical, physical and emotionally unique individual. The core of how we physiologically react to stress is identical. The manifestation of how we respond is unique.

The Do It Yourself Stress Makeover will illustrate how repeated cortisol increase and accumulation causes a broad spectrum of seemingly unrelated problems. Control the incoming cortisol hits, modulate cortisol production, and decrease cortisol accumulation. That’s it. THE ONLY SECRET. We are still cave people – our blue print for survival success can turn on us. Remove or compensate for the imbalance in cortisol production and the body will rebalance, calm down and repair the first line of defense.  The sad part is that most people have been under stress for so long that they have layers of problems. They simply can’t find help to figure out what’s wrong and can’t hang in there long enough with complex dietary and lifestyles products currently available to experience any positive changes.

The first section will:

  • Provide a clear simple explanation of how you respond to stress – physically, chemically and emotionally.
  • Provide a clear picture of the far reaching consequences of cortisol excess that make it an ‘all in’ total body reaction to stress.
  • Provide simple self-test surveys that reflect how prone and/or how resistant you are to losing the battle with stress.
  • Provide simple self-test surveys that reflect how you manage your work place and the stress of employment.
  • Provide a child’s game of teeter totter to explain complex metabolic responses.

The second section will:

  • Provide simple, short range evaluation self-tests to determine how you are doing right now.
  • Provide mid range evaluation self-tests to determine the extent of the problems and your progress on repairing your stress system.
  • Provide long range evaluation tests that will give vital information on how you really are doing and an indication of precisely how long it could take for you to feel permanently better, and when you are ready to stay the course or continue the repair process.

The final section will:

  • Provide a clear explanation of the science behind modulating and controlling cortisol metabolism with the essential non-essential nutrient that is readily available.
  • Provide a reliable, safer, healthier nutrient protocol to impact cortisol metabolism and the consequences that it produces.
  • Provide an offensive game plan with easy to comprehend and easier to implement protocols for the most common struggles people experience.
  • Provide a day by day blueprint for the readers’ 30 day stress makeover.

$29.95 plus s&h  

  $29.95 plus s&h  


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