About Us

Sedca-Ceutics, is a limited liability corporation that was established in 2011 in response to the consequences of poor and incomplete recovery from athletic endeavors at all levels of expertise. 

Our goal is to raise the level of performance recovery in all aspects of human performance, whether it is in the classroom, in the play ground, on the weekend, at the golf course or in professional sports or at the olympics.

Our flagship product iStressedOutTM was manufactured to impact this need. This great tasting chewable tablet and powder style phytonutrient has exceeded our expectations. 

The company's founders have the reputation for their commitment to health and athletics for the past 20 years. The formulation, research and creation of  iStressedOutTM and future products will always be held to that high standard. 

With the capability to impact performance recovery via Internet sales, its founders created an on-line store to sell this affordable product. 

With the help of consulting doctor and product formulator Dr. Evan Mladenoff, Sedca-Ceutics is pleased to offer iStressedOutTM to the public. Dr. Mladenoff's 35 years in private practice has many experiences and successes using phytonutrient performance management.

From the testimonials of young children to professional athletes, Sedca-Ceutics is proud to have Dr. Mladenoff on our team. Sedca-Ceutics is honored that Dr. Mladenoff chose us to market iStressedOutTM.

Look for future products from our team.

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