Dave Szott

Szott.jpg Opening game, Sunday night, September 7th against the Oakland Raiders.  I was playing with a broken right thumb.  Toward the end of the first quarter a guy came around on a loop stunt, I butted him up and felt it pop.  The drive ended with a field goal, and within two minutes they diagnosed a biceps tendon tear in my right arm. 

Dr. Mladenoff and many others helped me find the best orthopedic surgeon, and surgery was performed September 12th  1998.  For eight weeks I was in a cast, and then an arm brace that restricted my movement.  Every week I increased my range of motion until I reached 180 degrees, but my arm strength was lagging and when I took my shirt off it was clearly two inches smaller in size.

I sought Dr.Mladenoff's help; he had continually helped me throughout my career. He had been working extensively with phytonutrient recovery nutrition and iStressedOut.  The first couple weeks, our head trainers watched closely, I was hitting the weights hard.

When I started Dr.M's nutrition protocol, there were some exercises that would clearly hurt me - like straight-arm bicep curls.  But by the completion of our second mini camp I did 175-pound dumbbells on a flat bench for 3 reps. My arm was actually better after major surgery. 

Dr. Mladenoff's injury rehab protocol accelerated my injury recovery, helped heal my arm and bring it back to its original strength and size.  The nutrients helped reduce the adhesions and my surgery was a success.

I attribute this to Dr. M, and specifically iStressedOut.

Dave Szott

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