The Secret Killer

In February 2004 the front cover of Time Magazine was Inflammation – The Secret Killer. Inflammation is a direct cause of many major diseases. 

It has been known since the early 1900s that inflammation is a cause of cardiovascular disease. That’s correct since early the 1900s. The truth has been buried by the fat industry, the fast food industry and the drug manufacturing industry.

What Causes Inflammation?

The second problem is how to deal with the inflammation in your body.  The most common approach for inflammation is NSAIDs both prescription and over the counter. Here’s the bad news – July 2015 the FDA upgraded the warning about these Over The Counter non-prescription drugs - they all increase and cause heart attacks and stroke.

The news gets worse – there are 9 chemicals that cause inflammation, NSAIDs drugs only deal with 1 of the 9.  You are playing symptom roulette with only 1 bullet in your gun.

The outcome  1/9 chance of help or heart/stroke your choice!

If you don’t like the odds or don’t want to play symptom roulette any more THEN I invite you to join a huge movement of doctors and patients turning to i-6Factor.

Health is not an event! Something that you do once! We are the sum total of the health decisions we make each and every day. YOUR CURRENT STATE OF HEALTH IS THE ACCUMULATION OF ALL OF THE DECISIONS YOU HAVE MADE!

Every time you decided to take a pill for every ill you played symptom roulette hoping that a 1 in 9 chance would get rid of the pain AND 8 out of 9 chance you would not have a heart attack or stroke!

How do we stack the cards in our favor to beat _________

Removing inflammation from your body and adopting an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is critical to your longevity and a disease free life.

Control inflammation or give the Silent Killer the keys to your life – your choice?

There are 5 signs of inflammation.

Every time you twist an ankle, every time you cut yourself, every time you eat fried food, every time you eat high carbohydrate foods and sugar, every time you have an inflammatory thought like “I hate KLM University”

Your body is creating inflammation – a blow torch inside your body.

Suppressing the symptoms might make you symptom free – but The Silent Killer inflammation is still there and marching on.

There are 9 chemicals that cause inflammation. You may have heard of some of these weird names.

Prostaglandin E2 – the bad fats need to take Omega 3 good fats

Lactic Acid – produces characteristic burning pain

Cortisol the Stress hormone

That leaves 6 other chemicals with names like histamine, bradykinin, cytokines, interluken 6, leukotrienes ……

Here’s what I did ….. I formulated a plant source enzyme based product to fight inflammation. Some of these ingredients have been known for 1000s of years.

We called it i-6Factor because it addresses 6/9 inflammation chemicals.

The 3 it does not help are PGE2, Lactic Acid and the stress hormone Cortisol.

i-6Factor is formulated  to remove these 6 factors

•For occasional sore muscles & stiffness deprivation
•Select anitoxidants to handle oxidative stress
•Proteolytic enzymes to support natural resolution of the normal inflammatory process
•General support for handling occasional minor aches and pains

From the dedicated athlete who works out every day, to the occasional sports participant, to the enthusiastic homeowner engaged in spring cleaning, we all expose our bodies to regular or intermittent muscle stress and strain. We are constantly subjecting our muscles to stresses sufficient enough to cause microscopic tears or strain on soft tissue, resulting in inflammation and soreness. These normal physical pressures are temporary, but in the meantime, there can be several days of discomfort and limited movement.

i-6Factor is designed to work with the body’s  own mechanisms to resolve occasional inflammation due to stress and strain on muscle tissue. It contains an exclusive combination of proteolytic enzymes, botanicals and select vitamins and minerals designed to naturally support the body’s own processes that function to return tissue to it’s normal state after a minor injury.

My recommended is:
Take control of  and get rid of the inflammation in your body.
Take control of  your diet and avoid inflammatory foods like peanuts, fried foods, white bread, alcohol  .
Take control of your lifestyle and get rid of inflammatory exercises or at least limit and minimize them.
Take control of the inflammatory thoughts you have about yourself and others.

And start taking i-6Factor
Chronic inflammation – 2 caps away from food 3x/day

Acute inflammation of Injury: - 2 caps away from food 5-6 times a day, your DR may  recommend 2 caps every hour.

If stress is high, your DR may add  iStressedOut to your daily regimen.

You have now staked the odds in your favor!

Taking iStressedOut 1 tab 3 times a day  AND  i-6Factor 2 caps 3x/day will deal with 7 of the 9.

That’s pretty good odds. Stack the deck in your favor and beat The Silent Killer before it has a chance to get started and take hold of your life. Talk to your DR today about beating The Silent Killer – Inflammation, with i-6Factor


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