Triglycerides 1,280 Headed To Heart Disease

My name is JD. I have a family history of heart disease and really high triglycerides. I had done all of the medical drugs, with limited success. I went to Dr.M as a last hope.
Dr.M did a total body scan – fortunately no signs of fat accumulating, but my blood tests were another story.
Cholesterol 248
Triglycerides 1,280
LDL 166
Cholesterol/HDL 5.4 Ratio
Not very promising.
Dr.M put me on the low carb diet, gave me iStressedOutTM, Totally StressedTM, provided several digestive enzymes and some support for the liver. I also started walking and following regular sleep hours. 
After 2 months the results have been almost unbelievable.
Cholesterol 188
Triglycerides 734
LDL 84
Cholesterol/HDL 4.37 Ratio
My memory is better, I have more energy and I lost 21 pounds with absolutely no effort.
Ottawa, KS


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