Surviving 911

In the wake of September 11, my corporation went downhill and I got totally killed in the stock market, losing almost everything. I was offered a settlement package to leave work with about 1 month severance pay.  I was out of work about 2 months, money and resources were burning up fast and if that wasn’t enough stress, my brother had a heart attack on Father’s Day.

The day after Father’s Day I woke up with severe neck pain, with pain shooting down my left arm. I immediately went to the emergency room. The good news - neck and chest x-rays were normal, no herniated disc in my neck, cardiac workup was normal, no heart attack. Their diagnosis was muscle spasms. The solution – pain pills and muscle relaxing drugs.

The bad news… after about a week, the neck pain was worse, the pain down my left arm kept me awake and now I was getting burned out, no sleep, heart palpitations, and the drugs were ripping up my stomach.

Dr.M did an extensive workup and found that my stress reserve tank was on empty. His solution seemed too simple, but I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing so I followed his directions, took some special nutrients, changed my diet, and did the mind and heart relaxation exercises.  

The most important thing Dr.M did for me  was give me the tools to gauge my barometer of stress levels.

Richard Leawood, KS


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