Tongue Out Headed For BurnOut

Your tongue may be the first indication that you are headed for burnout and a major health problem because of chronic stress!

Stick out your tongue and keep it out. Is the tip red? If it is, you are well on the way to burnout maybe even crash and burn!

The tongue has been considered an important assessment organ for thousands of years because it provides clearly visible clues to the patient’s disharmony. It is rich in blood supply and fluid, contains the taste receptor cells, and is nourished by both the nervous and circulatory systems. Physicians trained in acupuncture (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with nothing more than your tongue and a good eye, can diagnose many diseases. What does your tongue look like and what does it tell you about your health?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine various areas of the tongue reflect the state of the Internal Organs. A topography of the tongue in common use is shown on the image below. tongue cartoon.jpg

  • Sides of the tongue - Liver and GallBladder detoxification system. Changes can indicate high toxicity levels. Darkening can reveal pain and discomfort.
  • Tip of the tongue - Heart and functions of nervous and immune system, and the lungs. Can indicate colds, the flu, sleep issues, and issues in the mental state.
  • Center or the tongue - Spleen and Stomach. Changes can reveal digestive or absorption issues.
  • Back of the tongue - Kidneys and Bladder. Signs can indicate problems in the urinary, reproductive, and elimination systems, as well as back issues.

The normal body colour of the tongue should be pale red.

iso_tongue.jpg Does the tip of your tongue look like this picture? sro tongue.jpg

The next time you look in themirror, stick your tongue out and have a look. Or have someone take a picture of your tongue.

Is the tip of your tongue red ?

Does anybody in your family have a tongue that looks like this?

If the tip of your tongue is red then this could be the tip of the iceberg! This is an indication of the accumulated effects of chronic stress. Major health problems induced by stress are headed your way.

Do you have any of the following symptoms yet??

Body temperature is warm/hot ?

Do you have heart palpitations?

Does bright light bother your eyes?

Are anxious or prone to anxiety?

Do you prefer or crave salty food?

Do you have panic attacks?

Do you have brain fog and just can’t think?

Trouble remembering names, dates . . .?

Are you light headed or dizzy?

Are run down, fatigued and can’t get going?

These are just some of the symptoms that go along with being stressed and your body being in a state of disharmony.

StressedOut Strategies (SOS)

There is no instant fix for this. No matter what you do, your red tongue will still be there 24 hours from now and most likely 30 days from now. It must be a balancing and harmonizing of the physical body, the chemical body, the energetic body, the emotional body and the spiritual body. Permanent changes must be taken in all areas of your life. Here are a few simple steps.

Sleepdo not ignore the urge to sleep, it is restorative. Take a planned 15 minute nap mid day. Try to get at least 8 hours a night sleep and on your ‘days off’ sleep even more.

iStressedOutstart taking iStressedOut, chew 1 tab 3 times a day a day for at least 45 days. If you are having trouble falling asleep, then chew 1 tab about 30 minutes before bedtime. (more info click here)

Relaxation Rituals13 specific exercises designed to help you dissipate stress in your daily life, all available on 1 audio CD. This is internal reflection, listening to the inside of your body, mind and spirit. Empty your mind of ALL thoughts at least once a day for 10 minutes. You are worth it. If you had to choose between a 15 minute nap and 10 minutes of quiet meditation, I recommend the meditation! (More info click here)

Spiritual deep meditation, daily prayer and scripture reading offer hope and wisdom for the life you were meant to have. Principle centered living from The Creator of THE Universe.

Passive Deliberate Exerciseyoga, pilates, tai chi and my favorite BaGua Xundao Chi Gong. These all represent quiet, energetic balancing protocols. Pick one, and do it 3 times a week for 30 minutes.

Dietcut down on the sugar and the carbs, also decrease the stimulants like caffeine, tobacco and alcohol.

Acupuncture - here are some self help acupuncture points that you can treat yourself using your finger, or the rubber tip of a pencil. Treat them for about 1 minute each three times a day Cx9, TH3, SP9, Gv4 (click each individual # for a picture). You can view the location of these acupuncture points in pictures by logging on to and click on the tongue diagnosis navigation button.

If your tongue does not begin to change color in 30 days you may need the seek the help of a trained applied kinesiologist or acupucturist.


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