6 Reasons iStressedOut Improves Performance

Phosphatidylserine (PS) is directly or indirectly involved in every cell membrane from the brain and nervous system to hormone function and the adrenal glands. Although an exhaustive list of possible applications for the phospholipid is not included, the following are the primary scientifically backed reasons why anyone – from professional athletes to weekend warriors  should add PS from iStressedOut to their health, wellness and recovery regimen.

  1. PS supplementation had a significant increase on exercise time to exhaustion at 85% VO2max compared to the placebo group.[1] 

  1.  Enhance mood in a group of young people during mental stress.[2]

  1. Improves the accuracy during tee-off by increasing the stress resistance of golfers.[3]

  1. Intensely trained athletes found that 800 mg of PS taken daily reduced the cortisol rise by 20% as compared with placebo.[4]

  1. PS improves perceived well-being, and reduces perceived muscle soreness after exercise.[5]

  1. PS improves exercise capacity during high intensity training and will increase performance during intermittent running.[6]

PS is an essential sports performance supplement for

the serious professional athlete and the weekend warrior.

Chewing 1 iStressedOut tab 3x/day will

have a safe positive impact on your performance!


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